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Quality assurance

Aalborg University’s quality assurance system ensures that the work relating to quality assurance and to the quality development of the University’s study programmes will result in the fulfilment of the objectives described in the University’s quality assurance policy within the area of education.

The quality assurance system is defined by eight quality areas:

  • Key performance indicators for quality
  • Structure and process
  • Quality of teaching and student environment
  • Research coverage and environments
  • Pedagogy and pedagogical competence development
  • Key performance indicators for relevance
  • Dialogue with graduates
  • Cooperation and dialogue with the job market

In addition, each study programme is self-evaluated every three years through a self-evaluation process which provides an overall evaluation of the quality and relevance of the study programmes. On the basis of this process, relevant development initiatives are launched. See procedure for evaluation of teaching and study programmes at Department of Politics and Society.

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► International Affairs

► Master in Public Governance (MPG)

► Politics & Administration and Social Studies

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