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Department of Politics and Society

Department of Politics and Society


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The Department of Politics and Society addresses national, European and global processes of migration, integration and diversity, as well as developments in management, digitalization, the labour market, and the welfare state. The department is committed to conducting international, comparative and often interdisciplinary research which is empirically and/or theoretically founded. Faculty members undertake high-quality research and teaching in past and present societal developments and address future challenges. Scholars and students engage in dialogues with citizens, businesses and authorities at a local, national and a European level, and scholars are actively engaged in national and international research networks. The department is located in Aalborg but also has a section in Copenhagen. The academic staff consists of approx. 100 scholars who are organised in eleven research groups representing different disciplines such as history, political science, digitalization, labour market and organisational analysis, gender studies, development and international relations, European studies and global refugee studies. The Department of Politics and Society offers a range of full-time bachelor and master programmes covering various societal fields and perspectives and also a part-time continuing adult education programme, the Master in Public Governance, aimed at employed professionals.

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