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Department of Politics and Society


Research at the Department of Politics and Society is organised within a number of research groups, centres and networks that represent cutting-edge expertise in the fields of: historical analysis from medieval and early modern to contemporary history; comparative social policy and welfare research; citizenship and democracy; political behaviour and attitudes; management and administration; digitization and IT; labour market and organisations; social movements; environment and sustainability; Europeanisation processes; international relations and development studies; migration and global refugee studies; conflict and post-conflict societies; social inequality; as well as gender, diversity and human rights within a broader transnational context.

Department of Politics and Society ・ Fibigerstræde 1,3 and 5, 9220 Aalborg East ・ Frederikskaj 10B, 2450 Copenhagen SV
Phone.: +45 9940 8218 ・ Email: dps@dps.aau.dk
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