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Physical study environment at the Department of Politics and Society

A better study environment

At the department we continuously work to ensure a good study environment for you as a student. As part of that work, the Department has analyzed and followed up on the challenges or desires that have arisen in the physical study environment through the students' semester or evaluations on the study environment. 

Campus Service (CAS) works to ensure optimal physical settings (both indoors and outdoors) on the university's three campuses. CAS therefore has a key role in the development of a good physical study environment at Aalborg University. While IT Support (ITS) takes care of IT issues. CAS and ITS make an annual overview of the latest improvements of the physical study environment at AAU. The annual reports can be accessed at the bottom of the page. 

Minor defects in the physical study environment can be reported via the AAU's Building Support App or by email.

Follow-up on the physical study environment 2022

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    This year there has been a request for more space in the auditoriums, the same request was reported in the study environment evaluations in 2020. This request is not being met at this time, as Campus Service has assessed in 2020 that the space in the auditoriums meets the standard. It will, however, be included in a larger renovation planned for the Fibigerstræde area.

    It has also been reported that new microphones are requested in auditorium A at Fibigerstræde 15. This information has been relayed to ITS (IT-Services). IT’s feedback is that the request has not been granted, as it has not been clear to ITS whether it was about Fibigerstræde 15 or Fibigerstræde 16.

    Lighting and power

    There have been a lack of power in the tables and faulty lighting in room 31 at Fibigerstræde 1 as well as faulty lighting in room 0.02 at Niels Jernes Vej 8A. Campus Service has been informed of these issues via AAU's Building Support. Campus Service reports that power and lights are connected.

    In case of similar challenges, students can report such types of errors and deficiencies to AAU's Building Support or via the AAU Building Support app, so that they can be fixed continuously during the semester.

    Indoor climate and noise nuisance

    Challenges with indoor climate have been reported at:

    • Kroghstræde 7 rooms 59 and 61
    • Fibigerstræde 3 rooms 31, 35 and 37
    • Fibigerstræde 5 room 33
    • Fibigerstræde 15 auditorium A, B and C

    It is registered with Campus Service via AAU's Building Support. Campus Service announces that everything is connected in the premises, but it is a point of attention that the ventilation in the buildings is manual and operated by switches mounted in the corridors. In the auditorium, ventilation is controlled centrally, but there is no cooling system, so it may be necessary with open windows on hot days.

    Noise nuisance has been a problem in Kroghstræde 7, room 59. Campus Service is working to improve the acoustics in the room to reduce noise nuisance.

    In case of similar challenges, students can report such types of errors and deficiencies to AAU's Building Support or via the AAU Building Support app, so that they can be fixed continuously during the semester.

    Study workplaces including group rooms

    Across the Department's programs there is a challenge with a lack of student workplaces and social interaction at Fibigerstræde 5. Deputy Head of Department Jan Holm Ingemann and Area Manager Jette Loll Pedersen are aware of this issue, and the Department tries to minimize the use of the seminar room at Fibigerstræde 5, as it is primarily an administration building without student workplaces. Students are encouraged to use common areas on campus for breaks.

    In general it is requested to renovate student workplaces at Fibigerstræde 1 and 3 as well as renovating group rooms at Fibigerstræde 3. It has also been challenging with too few group rooms available. The request and the challenge can hopefully be met with the Department's ongoing process with Campus Service regarding student workplaces including improvement of group rooms.

    It is also requested to be able to book group rooms during the semester without project writing. Group room booking is always available for students and can be applied for here. There has also been a request that the number of m2 and facilities for the group room in question appears in the booking system. In order for information to appear in the booking system and be updated in the long term, it is the Department's responsibility to prepare a list of group rooms, number of m2 and facilities and then send to Campus Service. This task has not been prioritized by the Department at present.

    There has been a request for microwave ovens in the group rooms. This request cannot be accommodated as microwave ovens (and other electric appliances such as electric kettles) are prohibited in group rooms. The Department refers to Fibigerstræde 3 room 33 or other kitchenettes on campus.

    Last but not least, students want to use student workplaces in the center of Aalborg, i.a. on Create. This was also a wish in the study environment evaluations in 2021. There are still no common study areas across AAU, which is why it is not possible to use study areas that belong to other faculties.

    Improvements in and around Fibigerstræde 1 and 3

    In collaboration with Campus Service the Department has carried out ongoing improvements in Fibigerstræde 1 and 3 in 2022 based on your feedback in the study environment evaluations. The last improvements will be carried out in the spring of 2023.

    In Fibigerstræde 1 there are:

    • In some small study areas, moss walls have been set up to improve the acoustics and at the same time improve the indoor climate. New furniture has also been installed.

    In Fibigerstræde 3 there are:

    • In the group rooms painted white walls and one wall with a different colour. In addition, the floors have been cleaned and treated, and several sockets have been installed, new curtains have been put up, and the tables have been changed to height adjustable tables with a single tabletop in one colour.
    • In the open area outside the social room, two round tables have been placed, which replace the sofa arrangement and the two rectangular tables.
    • At the toilets near seminar room 37, the sink has been replaced.
    • In the social room new sofas and bar stools have been installed, and the two gray lamps have been removed.
    • In the small study areas there are, among other things, put up moss walls, installed new lamps and put in new furniture.
    • Ordered more frequent emptying of the centrally located waste bins. No more bins are therefore set up.

    Outdoors there are:

    • Set up string lights in the greenhouse between Fibigerstræde 1 and 3.
    • Set up new garden furniture outside Fibigerstræde 3.

    General comments about premises

    This year there has been several requests and challenges regarding the physical study environment, without specification to which addresses and rooms it concerns. The department regularly encourages students to report concrete errors and deficiencies to AAU's Building Support or via the AAU Building Support app, so that they can be fixed in continuously during the semester. If minor errors and deficiencies are reported in the study environment evaluations, the Department encourages students to be more specific in their comments, e.g. by writing premises and addresses so that it is possible to act on them.

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    There has been a request to be able to book group rooms on Campus Copenhagen, but there is no common booking system. All bookable group rooms belong to the individual academic departments, which often have their own system. Unfortunately, students at GRS (Gender Relations Studies) do not have access to their own group rooms, but are recommended to check the Intranet.

    The common study areas are primarily found on the squares – Birketorvet (building C), Vandtorvet and Studentertorvet – as well as the two canteens in buildings A and B. In addition, AUB has a smaller reading room on the 2nd floor of building A, and there are a several smaller corners etc. here and there, which the students can use.

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