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Student counselling at Department of Politics and Society

Study counselling at Department of Politics and Society

Department of Politics and Society has four student counsellors.

They are there to provide counselling regarding your education for instance if you are considering a stay abroad, if you are having doubts about your possibilities in relation to the composition of your master, if you need guidance to plan you study course, and much more. You can also receive help to handle personal issues, that might affect your studies. You can read more about, what the counsellors have to offer in the welcoming letter.

Mental health issues, exam anxiety, etc.

NB! If you need help regarding mental health issues, exam anxiety or similar problems, you can find more information about the different possibilities at:



You are off course always welcome to contact the decentralised student counsellors first so that they can guide you and make sure to let you know about relevant possibilities for support and assistance.

You can meet the student counsellors during the weekly office hours or schedule a meeting via mail or telephone.

The student counsellors are also the ones representing the education to newcomers. They will be present at different arrangements such as “Open days” (, “Master’s Days” and “study internship” (Studiepraktik).

Contact the general student counsellors

Student counselling in Aalborg

Fredrik Bajers Vej 5, room 139
9220 Aalborg East
Phone: 9940 9440

Student counselling in Copenhagen

Frederikskaj 12, 1st floor in "the red box"
2450 København SV
Phone: 9940 2450