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Booking of group study rooms

Note: Group study rooms can only be booked via the online booking system.

User creation/access

Each group has one joint booking entrance.

To gain access to the system, one group member must fill in the application form ”Application for acces” with the required information. Find the application form for your education at the bottom of the page.

  • The secretary will then create the group in the system so that bookings can be made.
  • When a group has been created, an email with information about the password and username will be generated automatically and sent to the stated email address.

How to use the system

Booking is done by following this link

  • Each group can book up to 10 units at a time.
  • Each unit is of 1 hour duration.
  • Weekdays can be booked 7-22.
  • When the period of the first unit has expired, the right to book is renewed.
  • A message with information on which office you should contact to get access with your key card will appear on the screen when a group books a room. (if you book in other buildings)
  • If the group has booked a room they do not need anyway please delete it so others can use the room instead.
  • When a room is booked by a group, the group has the room at its disposal throughout the period.


  • The access control is activated from 15.30, depending on the building. 
  • Alarms are connected from 20.00.
  • The electronic booking is the only valid reservation of the group room.

If problems occur, please contact the IT-department by email:


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