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WISER, Department of Politics and Society, Aalborg University

WISER – Department of Politics and Society

WISER is a cross-department research group with members from the Department of Politics and Society and the Department of Sociology and Social Work. 

The members of WISER focus on several central research areas in the intersection between public administration, public policy and frontline work. WISER aims to produce cutting-edge research on the people in government and the communities they serve by producing data-driven research on how to improve public service delivery, foster engaged communities and coherent societies.

WISER research interests include:

  • Management, organization and delivery of welfare services by public, private and third sector organizations
  • The role of citizens in co-creation/co-production of public services.
  • Street-level encounters between state and citizens
  • Political, social, and knowledge categories in street-level decision-making
  • The use of algorithms and digitalization in welfare production
  • Citizens’ experiences with the state, politics, and democracy through their everyday encounters with street level organizations
  • Policy feedback from welfare programs
  • Institutional trust, democratic citizenship and social identity.

Members of WISER are involved in a number of research projects covering different areas of the welfare state among them social and employment policy, asylum and integration policy, family policy, daycare institutions, primary schools.

Several of WISER's research projects take place in close collaboration with stakeholders in the field. This contributes to impact and allows research to have a concrete impact on societal changes and contribution to developing new welfare solutions.

WISER is part of the Public Administration and Digitalization cluster at the Department of Politics and Society and FoSo (Research in Social Work) at the Department of Sociology and Social Work. .

Head of research

Marie Østergaard Møller, Associate Professor, Department of Politics and Society

Contact WISER

Associate Professor Marie Østergaard Møller
Tel.: 9940 9921, 2840 3379

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