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Dansk Selskab for Europaforskning (DSE) (The Danish Association for European Studies). Photo: The Berlaymont Building and European Flags by Dati Bendo, © The European Union

Photo: Dati Bendo, © The European Union

Welcome to the homepage of Dansk Selskab for Europaforskning (DSE) (The Danish Association for European Studies), a member of the European Community Studies Association (ECSA) and a founding member of the Nordic Association of European Studies (NAES).

The DSE was founded in 1976. Its mission is to inspire and support the discussion of developments in Europe.The DSE has two official tasks: to support research and teaching in all aspects of European cooperation, be it administrative, economic, historic, legal, political, or social (see statues). You are also welcome to visit our Facebook platform. The aim of this site is to exchange events on what happens in our community, events, books, articles etc.

A central event is the annual conference and general assembly. It gathers a large number of scholars engaged in European studies, who very often work at Danish universities. Although there normally is an overall theme, the conference is broad and interdisciplinary in its approach (see the Annual Danish European Association- European Community Studies Association Conference 2021). The venue alternates among the Danish universities.

The DSE also engages in encouraging and inspiring young scholars, be they PhD-students or Post Docs. They have a network, and arrange events of various kinds like ‘tailor-made’ writing sessions (see PhD and Early Career Network).

Should you be interested in the history and work of the DSE, prof. Finn Laursen has written a most readable account of it.

You are always welcome to contact the DSE. Either take a look at the board, or simply write the president Sevasti Chatzopoulou (, the vice-president Søren Dosenrode ( or the treasurer Daniel Finke.

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