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PolSoc - The Political Sociology Research Group

PolSoc - The Political Sociology Research Group, Department of Politics and Society, Aalborg University

The Political Sociology Research Group is committed to provide research of highest quality within the fields of elections and political behavior, public opinion and attitude formation, and of survey research.

  • Political participation and citizenship
    The research field of political participation and citizenship are the foundation of the The political sociology research group. Historically, members of the group have been in charge of all encompassing, country-wide studies of political participation / citizenship in Denmark conducted since 1979, and has contributed to disseminate the citizenship approach from its origins in the Scandinavian Power and Democracy studies to the European (e.g. ESS) as well as the global mainstream (e.g. ISSP)
  • Elections and political behavior
    The research group pays particular attention to electoral behaviour in order to inform explanations of election outcomes. Which parties do we vote for and why? How do the voters evaluate the candidates? And how does the election campaign affect voters’ perceptions? Members of the research group have participated in the Danish Election Project since 1979 and they were in charge of the project 1994-2007. Since the 1970s, members of the research group have conducted complementary surveys, sometimes as part of the Election Project, sometimes financed from other sources.

  • Public opinion and attitude formation
    The research group employs classic and contemporary public opinion theories from sociology and psychology to shed light on why the public thinks the way it does. We explore public opinion towards various issues, and we study cross-national differences and change in public opinion over time.

  • Survey research
    Finally, the research group is engaged in methodological research, survey methodology in particular. By studying survey response behavior, members of the group aim at improving survey data quality: How do you ask the right questions in your survey? Who are the relevant respondents to ask and how do you reach them? Which mode of data collection are the best to use? The research group is the main responsible for the management, maintenance and development of the Danish online ‘survey bank’, which also contributes to profile the research group as nationally leading in the field of (quantitative) surveys.

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Head of research Dominik Schraff

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