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HSK - Heritage, Sustainability and Knowledge in History

KSH - Knowledge, Sustainability and Heritage

Heritage, Sustainability and Knowledge in History (HSK) is a research group devoted to the study of the history and contemporary formation of knowledge, sustainability and heritage.


HSK take a leading role in studying the specificities of the preservations, valuations and uses of cultural and natural heritage through several research projects. Cultural heritage appears in cultural, political and scientific formations, and it is an element in tourism and experience economies past and present. Moreover, studies in the use and preservation of our natural heritage intersects with the above key concepts of sustainability and knowledge.


We have a longstanding commitment to research in environmental history, and the history of environmental science communication through national and international organizations and discourses. Pioneering the field of marine environmental history, the group is an international leader in historical reconstructions of past resource use and historical ecology. From a book-historical perspective, sustainability is an aspect of changing and historically contingent environmental discourses and debates in mainstream publications/journals. 


HSK has an internationally recognized stronghold in the history of science, technology and medicine, as well the development of human sciences, and the bridges and barriers between The Two Cultures. KSH investigates the history of knowledge in several ways. The novel concept of knowledge circulation is the focal area of several studies, not least through the dissemination in new media. We study how knowledge is created, and how it is transmitted through society and how it is stored digitally. KSH is a national leader in the rapidly growing field of digital humanities and social sciences through studies in the processes of digitization as well as empirical studies employing big data mining.

Knowledge, Sustainability and Heritage are three entry points for us to contribute to the UN mission of SDG17.

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