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Integration policies and their impact are either dealt with from a top down or a bottom up perspective. Understanding the dynamics of integration policies, processes, procedures, laws and rights are integrative elements in the field that need to be scrutinized. How are political discourses surrounding the area of integration created and sustained and what are the ideological and political outsets? In addition, how do the consequences of these integration policies play out both seen from people working within the field of integration as well as the subjects targeted? Another important aspect deals with areas of representations of the actors involved. This can be seen within the perspective through and from the media as well as how politicians and people, who work within the field, as well as the general public perceive both the integration policies as well as the subjects involved. Elaborating on the political discourses in regards to integration policies is a topic in itself. A focus on different phases within the integration process; centering on aspects of gender, ethnicity, national belonging and religious affiliation as well as generational aspects of integration are also important topics dealt with within the field of integration. Other areas such as the role of civil society, NGO’s as well as governmental institutions that in various ways engage with processes of integration are again relevant topics found in the research field of integration; integration into the job market and the educational system are here topics of high priority.


Michael Ulfstjerne - Assistant professor

Building on data collection among and collaboration with Danish municipalities, host communities, and refugees, Michael Ulfstjerne takes particular interest in thinking beyond “integration”, in turn, exploring new ideas of housing, labour, and revitalization with productive impact for local development.

Publications include:

► Nye Byggesten i Byfornyelsen: Helhedsorienteret Husning og Intregation af Flygtninge i
     Funktionstømte Bygninger (2017)

► Drømmebutik Hørve (2017)


Anja Kublitz - Associate Professor

Anja Kublitz has since 2005 studied the lives of Middle Eastern refuges, especially Palestinian refugees, in Danish housing project. She has followed families across generations and describes how people and families are slowly falling apart.

Publications include:

► The Ongoing Catastrophe: Erosion of life in Danish Camps (2015)

► The Sounds of Silence: The Reproduction and Transformation of Global Conflicts within Palestinian
     Families in Denmark (2011)



Steffen Jensen - Professor

Steffen Jensen has been involved in a number of projects that look at mechanisms of violence and integration in Denmark, focusing especially on so-called ghettos. Publications include:

Publications include:

► “They want us out”: Urban regeneration and the limits of integration in the Danish welfare state (2017)

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