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Topics by GRS - Global Refugee Studies

GRS works to foster and communicate a deeper understanding of what happens when the world is moved and people move within it. Whether conflict, land-grabbing or poverty are the critical moving factors, GRS’s multi-disciplinary research capacity offers outstanding analyses of the relationship between large-scale political and economic processes and the lived experiences of people on the ground and their dreams for a better future.

We explore the underlying dynamics of forced migration, the ways that refugees and marginalized maneuver, and the intersection between these groups and authorities’ attempt to curb, tap into, or manage these movements, be it by border control, humanitarian interventions or integration policies.

The vision is animated by the analysis that conflict, movement, the inability to move as well as forced displacement are intimately interconnected in an increasingly globalized world in which the majority live precarious and uncertain lives. GRS contributes with critical analyses, such as how the colonial encounter still shapes how we today relate to displacement and social hierarchies including, but not limited to, relations of race, gender, and class.

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