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What to expect – MIX conference panels, June 6-7, 2023

What to expect – MIX conference panels, June 6-7, 2023

What happens when we include technical sciences, design studies, health science and architecture in the discussions around migration? Can we produce new questions and new insights? Can we ‘see’ something that we did not understand before? The MIX conference “Displacement, migration and integration – out of the silo” will address these questions on June 6-7 in Nordkraft, Aalborg.

Last modified: 15.05.2023

By Liene Ulmane, Student Assistant at MIX, Center for Displacement, Migration and Integration, Aalborg University

The conference is staying true to the MIX interdisciplinary nature and will host researchers from 8 AAU departments as well as a list of external experts from various fields, who work in relation to displacement, migration and integration. Learn more about the panels today and see you at the conference in June!

Panel: The Inclusive city

Cities can be vectors of both inclusion and exclusion. They have the potential to be a space of freedom, (cultural) expression and diversity, but so often this potential is not realized, even hijacked by powerful interests/capital. In this case, cities can become spaces of exploitation, expropriation and oppression for certain groups. This panel proposes the idea of an ‘inclusive city’ as a remedy. Bringing in perspectives from urban studies, communication studies, planning studies and participatory action frameworks the panel seeks to identify and discuss issues of participation, citizen involvement, marginalization, power relations, agency and processes of inclusion and exclusion.

Panel: Health and migration

What are the global and national health issues involved in displacement, migration and integration? What challenges do newly arrived refugees face in the (receiving) health system and when settling into civil society, and which future perspectives exist for addressing such health challenges in relation to migration? We address these questions from the perspective of clinical migrant medicine, sociology, sports and civil society research and psychology and psycho traumatology; and open a discussion of the potential of cross-disciplinary solutions to meeting these challenges.  

Panel: Environmental changes, resilience and integration

The decision to migrate is not only rooted in wars or differences in economic possibilities. Both historically and in contemporary societies it is also rooted in environmental changes in the country of origin. The present and foreseen climate changes are likely to create heat waves and droughts, which especially deteriorate living conditions in the countries closest to the equator. From a European perspective, this potentially increases the inflow of migration, especially from Africa. At the same time, it is widely acknowledged that countries might be more or less able to cope with environmental changes. The panel provide an interdisciplinary discussion of the major challenges and uncertainties connected to these processes.

Panel: Service design for integration

Much has been written about discrimination and exclusion of refugees and migrants in relevant social relations. While xenophobia and racial, religious or ethnic discrimination play important roles, the exclusion often rests on complicated, unintelligible bureaucratic processes, material and immaterial blockages and a lack of consideration of difference. In this panel, we explore the challenges and opportunities if we apply a service design approach to improve migrants’ integration and participation. With cases from across Europe, we ask how and to what extent material and immaterial service designs – apps, systems, procedures – can improve integration? What are the legal implications and requirements of receiving migrants and refugees? Can we think of law and design together for a fairer reception of migrants and refugees?

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The MIX Conference: Displacement, migration and integration – out of the silo” will be held on June 6-7 in Nordkraft, Aalborg.


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