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Invitation to a seminar on young refugees’ experience of integration in Denmark

Invitation to a seminar on young refugees’ experience of integration in Denmark

The research group “Junctures of change in the integration of young refugees” invites all interested to the seminar on young refugees’ experience of integration during the paradigm shift in Danish immigration policy. The seminar will be held on 22 February, 14-16 o’clock at the Migration Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen.

Last modified: 17.02.2023

By Liene Ulmane, Student Assistant, Center for Displacement, Migration and Integration (MIX)
Photo by Javier Allegue Barros on Unsplash

For several years, the research group of Aalborg University and the University of Copenhagen has conducted a project about how young, recently migrated refugees experience encounters with the Danish integration system and how they shape their everyday life in the changing political conditions of the Danish immigration policy.

“My biggest takeaway from conducting this 5year research project has been the insights into the enormous efforts that everybody - frontline Municipal social workers and NGO volunteers, and, not least, the young refugees themselves - put into making completely paradoxical and counter-productive policies meaningful and youth lives coherent” states Kathrine Vitus.

In the closing seminar of the project, the researchers will discuss their findings and present various dimensions of life in the world of integration and repatriation. From insights into the experiences of young refugees, being in the middle of a paradigm shift from the viewpoint of local integration workers to the question of how can we understand integration and young people’s navigations in a paradoxical political system.

The research group entails Kathrine Vitus, an Associate Professor at the Department of Sociology and Social work, and a PhD Louise Dånge from Aalborg University and Professor Morten Skovdal, Department of Public Health at the University of Copenhagen.

The seminar is free to participate. The seminar language is Danish. It will be held at the Migration Museum of Denmark, Stavnsholtvej 3, 3520 Farum, Copenhagen. Registration for the event:

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