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FREIA’s working paper series

FREIA’s working paper series stretches back to 1992 and has over the years disseminated knowledge about core research themes of FREIA. We still welcome new additions, for example from visiting scholars, former students or others affiliated with our research. Working papers are published primarily in English or Danish, and occasionally in one of the other Scandinavian languages.

The paper series contains two types of papers:

  1. Reviewed papers written by FREIA staff, visiting scholars, keynote speakers at FREIA conferences and other affiliated researchers from Aalborg University. These papers are submitted to blind peer review;
  2. Occasional papers, which are not peer reviewed and consist of essays, working papers, papers for conferences and seminars, etc.

Reviewed papers are issued with an individual ISBN number. Occasional papers are issued with the series' ISSN number.

The working paper series editor is Helene Pristed Nielsen. All correspondence about the academic content of the series must be addressed to Helene:

Charlotte Amalie Hyldgaard
Online redistribution of intimate pictures without consent among Danish youth

Helene Pristed Nielsen
European Network Against Racism: anti-racist advocacy ‘wrapped up in nice paper’

Diana Højlund Madsen
Gender mainstreaming in the Danish international development agency (Danida) - a panacea for development?

82 / 2012
Marie Valentin Beck
Fædre og barsels-/forældreorlov - En diskussion af internationale erfaringer med politiske virkemidler

81 / 2012
Emanuela Lombardo, Petra Meier and Mieke Verloo 
Policymaking and Gender
I-Chieh Fang
77 / 2012
Lise Rolandsen Agustín
76 / 2011
Lotte Bloksgaard
67 / 2008
Anna-Birte Ravn & Bente Rosenbeck
Gender and Family Policies in Denmark in the 20th Century

66 / 2008
Birte Siim & Christina Fiig
Democratisation of Denmark – the Inclusion of Women in Political Citizenship

65 / 2008
Birte Siim & Anette Borchorst
The multicultural challenge to the Danish Welfare state – Social Politics, Equality and Regulating Families

64 /  2007
Ann-Dorte Christensen & Mette Tobiasen
Politiske identiteter og kønspolitiske holdninger i tre generationer. Forskningsrapport, pilotundersøgelse, Aalborg Universitet

63 / 2007
Lise Rolandsen Agustín
Demokrati i det transnationale rum: En diskussion af civilsamfundsaktørernes demokratiseringspotentiale i den europæiske kontekst

62 / 2006
Daniel Gustafsson
Gender Integration and the Swedish Armed Forces: The Case of Sexual Harassment and Prostitution

61 / 2006
Yvonne Mørck
Why not intersectionality? A concept at work in modern complex societies. Intersectionality and class travels

60 / 2006
Anette Borchorst
Daddy Leave and Gender Equality - the Danish Case in a Scandinavian Perspective

59 / 2005
Kirsten Sværke
Nyfeminisme og nye kønsidentiteter
54 / 2005
Hege Skjeie
Trosfrihet og Diskrimineringsvern
33 / 1996
Sylvia Walby
Key Concepts in Feminist Theory
32 / 1995
Susanne Thorbek
Global Context - Local Concepts
31 / 1995
Diana Mulinari
Thinking about Feminism
29 / 1995
Durre Ahmed
Essence and Diversity in Gender Research

28 / 1995
Signe Arnfred
Conceptualizing Gender
21 / 1995
Ann-Dorte Christensen & Birte Siim
Gender, Citizenship and Political Mobilization
15 / 1994
Jytte Bang og Susanne Stubgaard
Piger og fysik i gymnasiet

14 / 1994
Bente Rosenbeck
Med kønnet tilbage til den politiske historie
10 / 1994
Susanne Thorbek
Køn og Urbanisering


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