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Research and teaching at FREIA - Center for Gender Research

Research and teaching at FREIA - Center for Gender Research

The members of FREIA are engaged in research and teaching within a range of different fields, study programs and departments at Aalborg University as well as at other universities and institutions in Denmark and abroad. Core research and teaching interests represented by FREIA’s members include:

Gender and feminist theories

  • Theoretical and methodological perspectives on intersectionality
  • Gender, equality and diversity
  • Post-colonialism, feminism, cosmopolitanism
  • Masculinity and queer theories 

Sociology of gender  

  • Gender segregation and labour market inequalities
  • Sociology of families, parenthood and intimate/everyday life 
  • The intersection of gender, space and place
  • Gender, social media and youth
  • Climate change through the lens of intersectionality and gender 

Gender and politics 

  • Citizenship, democracy and participation  
  • Gendering the nation, nationalism and populism 
  • Social movements, transnational activism and political identities 

Gender and European studies 

  • EU policy-making and gender equality policies
  • Norms and discourses on European integration
  • Multiculturalism, anti-discrimination and minority rights
  • Gender and diplomacy 

Gender and global studies

  • Human rights, gender equality and social justice
  • Feminist international relations
  • Peace and conflict/post conflict transformations
  • Gender and development
  • Gender-based violence and sexual harassment 

Gender, sexuality and history 

  • Changing ideals, norms and expectations 
  • Histories of family, work and welfare 
  • Politics of memories of nations, ‘races’ and ethnicities 
  • Memories of violence, genocide, the military, war and peace 


  • Feminist methodology 
  • Intersectional analysis 
  • Narrative analysis 
  • Frame and discourse analysis 
  • Visual methods 
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