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EDGE - Centre for Equality, Diversity and Gender

EDGE - Centre for Equality, Diversity and Gender

EDGE is an interdisciplinary research and information centre, whose purpose is to support and stimulate research within the area of equality, diversity and gender in the widest possible sense. Specialized knowledge within these fields is in great demand, and the centre, among other resources, hosts special knowledge on (gender) equality, inequality and social differences, diversity, diversity management, gender mainstreaming and related fields.

The purpose of the centre is - on a national, Nordic, European and international level - to engage in active dialogue and collaboration on a number of strands:

  • Undertake larger reporting and evaluation assignments for external stakeholders and contractors
  • Offer research based counselling, exchange of knowledge and consultancy for public authorities
  • Contribute with input to relevant public hearings and reports
  • Communicate knowledge and present research results in the form of publications, lectures and seminars
  • Initiate and coordinate collaborative efforts among research groups about applications for larger interdisciplinary research projects
  • Support research into central societal issues relating to equality, diversity and gender

The Centre is hosted by the department of Politics and Society at Aalborg University, Denmark, and is based on a principle of many and open collaborative relations across the university, with research environments at other institutes.


Contact EDGE

Contact EDGE: Head of Centre Stine Thidemann Faber

Head of Centre Stine Thidemann Faber

Phone: +45 9940 9206

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