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Collaborative centres and networks

Below is a list of national, Nordic, European and international research centres, collaborators, networks, information centres and professional organisations within the area of gender, equality and diversity.

Danish Research Centres within the area of Gender, Equality and Diversity

FREIA, Centre for Gender Research, Aalborg University

CeMAS - Centre for Masculinity Studies, Aalborg University

CKMM, Centre for Gender, Power and Multiplicity, Roskilde University

Centre for Gender Research, Copenhagen University

Diversity & Difference Research Cluster, CBS      

Gendering in Research, Netværk for kønsforskere på AU

Nordic Gender Research Centres

STK, Centre for Interdisciplinary Gender Research, Oslo University

KVINNFORSK, Centre for Women’s and Gender Research, Tromsø University

SKOK, Centre for Women’s and Gender Research, Bergen University

CORE, Centre for Research on Gender Equality, Institute for Social Research, Oslo

CGF, Centre for Gender Studies, Karlstad University

TG, Tema Genus, Linköping University

CFS, Centre for Feminist Social Studies, Örebro University

Gender Studies Collegium, Malmø University

UCGS, Gender Studies, Umeå University

Gender Studies at Södertörn University

Department of Gender Studies, Lund University

MARK, The Centre for Diversity and Gender Studies, University of Iceland

EDDA, Centre of Excellence, Reykjavik, Iceland

RIKK, Institute for Gender, Equality and Difference, University of Iceland    

GODESS Institute, Hanken School of Economics, Department of Management and Organisation (Finland)  

Danish and Nordic Gender Information Centres

KVINFO: Danish Centre for Gender, Knowledge, Information, Research

NIKK: Nordic Information on Gender

KILDEN: Norwegian Information Centre for Gender Research

Gender in Norway, Information and Resources on Gender Equality and Gender Research     

ATGENDER, The European Association for Gender Research, Education and Documentation

Danish and Nordic Gender Research Associations and -Secretariats

The Danish Association for Gender Research

The Danish Coordination for Gender Research

The Norwegian Association for Gender Research

The Swedish Association for Gender Studies

Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research

Gender Equality in the Nordic Countries

The Nordic Council of Ministers, cooperation on gender equality issues

Nordic cooperation on gender equality issues

European/International Organisations, Gender/Equality/Diversity

EIGE, European Institute for Gender Equality

FRA, European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights

UN Women

International Networks

RINGS, the International Research Association of Institutions of Advanced Gender Studies

ESA, European Sociological Association, research network on Women’s and Gender Studies

ECPR, European Consortium for Political Research, standing group on Gender and Politics    

IFRWH, International Federation for Research of the History of Women 

Womens History Network  

The Danish Ministry for Gender Equality, Politics and Campaigns

Ministry for Gender Equality

Action Plans for Gender Equality    

LGBTI Action Plan

Gender Equality reports

Gender Equality assessments

Action for more women in leadership

Action Change job, man!

Action Daddy’s Leave

The Danish National Equality Body in relation to Gender, Race and Ethnicity

Danish Institute for Human Rights

Danish Professional Organisations within the area of Gender, Equality and Sexuality

The Danish Women’s Council

The Danish Women’s Society

Sex & Society



The Danish National Organization for Gay Men, Lesbians, Bisexuals and Transgender persons

Amnesty International, Equality


Women’s Museum in Denmark 

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