Department of Politics and Society

FREIA - Center for Gender Research

FREIA - Center for Gender Research

FREIA is a multidisciplinary gender research centre at the Department of Politics and Society at Aalborg University, Denmark.

Central to FREIA’s research is the study of interactions between power dynamics and gender in interplay with other differentiating and inequality creating categories (such as sexuality, race, ethnicity, class, age, generation, etc.) in the nexus between local-national-transnational-global levels of analysis. FREIA continuously aims to apply a critical gender perspective to new questions across disciplines. More recent focus areas are gender and place/space; gender and nation; gender, social movements and transnational activism.

FREIA members are engaged in teaching gender issues at a range of different study programs (at BA, MA and Ph.D. levels) at different departments, including at the two-year master specialisation in Global Gender Studies.

FREIA aims to make gender research and teaching more visible and engage in continuous dialogues with fellow gender scholars, students, organisations and society at large. 

FREIA regularly organises gender related research seminars, workshops, lectures and other activities both in and outside Aalborg University.

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