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Moving Data - Moving People: Reorganizing Trust through China's Social Credit System

Moving Data - Moving People: Reorganizing Trust through China's Social Credit System

Moving Data - Moving People examines the role of the forthcoming Social Credit System (SCS) in reshaping relations of trust for China’s many mobile people.

Last modified: 08.06.2020

Due to be launched in 2020 across mainland China, the SCS has the potential, through a social credit score, create a more uniform governance of both the mobility of people and data about them. In Western contexts, the SCS is often described as a case of big data totalitarianism. According to the Chinese State Council (2014), however, the purpose of the SCS is to create a more "trustworthy" society. We see this large scale state digitalization project as having the potential to fundamentally alter previous ways of negotiating trusting relations, particularly for China's mobile population. Through locally embedded ethnographic fieldwork and document analysis, our project will provide early insights into the implementation of the SCS and what it means for relationships of trust between mobile people, local governments and local citizens.


PI: Rachel Catherine Douglas-Jones, IT University, Copenhagen

CIs: Ane Bislev and Jesper Willaing Zeuthen, Aalborg University


Funded by the Independent Research Fund Denmark

The total grant is DKK 6.189.218 of which DKK 3,383,092 for Aalborg University

Project period: 1 July 2020 → 1 Septemper 2023

Photo by Christian Lund, Sichuan 2018

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