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Conversation salons: Theorizing in Organization Studies

Photo: From the front cover of the book ‘Theorizing in Organizational Studies – insights from key thinkers’. Artist: Mary Jo Hatch. Click for further information on the book.

Conversation Salons: Theorizing in Organization Studies

Join four online conversations with key thinkers in Organization and Management studies

Andrew Van de Ven, David Boje, Edgar Schein, Henry Mintzberg, Kenneth Gergen, Richard Swedberg and Tor Hernes will talk about theory and theorizing: perspectives, positions and presumptions.

Associate Professors Sabine Madsen and Anne Vorre Hansen host the four conversation salons, that will be held as Zoom Webinars between February 2021 and May 2021. The aim is to spur dialogue and reflections on how we engage in theorizing.

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As part of the audience you have the opportunity to contribute via the Q&A function.

We admit only 500 attendees for each salon, and slots are administered on a first come first served basis.

The conversations are recorded - watch here

Salon 1: Theorizing in General, including Theorizing about Theorizing

Date and time: Thursday the 25th of February at 17-18 pm (GMT+1).

A conversation between Henry Mintzberg and Richard Swedberg.

Hosts: Anne Vorre Hansen & Jens Friis Jensen.


Photo of Henry Mintzberg by Owen Egan


Salon 2: Theorizing: Different positions and approaches

Date and time: Thursday the 11th of March at 17-18 pm (GMT+1).

A conversation between Andrew Van de Ven, Edgar Schein and David Boje.

Hosts: Anne Vorre Hansen & Jens Friis Jensen.



Salon 3: Theorizing on the concepts we apply and develop – or don’t we?

Date and time: Wednesday the 7th of April at 17-18 pm (GMT+1).

A conversation between Tor Hernes and Kenneth Gergen.

Hosts: Anne Vorre Hansen & Luise Li Langergaard.



Salon 4: The role of theorizing – establishing a community

Date and time: Monday the 3rd of May at 17-18 pm (GMT+1).

A conversation between Andrew Van de Ven, David Boje, Kenneth Gergen, Richard Swedberg, Edgar Schein, Tor Hernes and Henry Mintzberg.

Hosts: Anne Vorre Hansen & Sabine Madsen.


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Photo of Henry Mintzberg by Owen Egan

Theorizing in Organization Studies
Insights from Key Thinkers

Anne Vorre Hansen, Department of People and Technology, Roskilde University and Sabine Madsen, Department of Politics and Society, Aalborg University, Denmark

While many books provide guidance to the construction of theory, the process of theorizing itself has been addressed far less. The aim of this book is to encourage researchers to reflect upon their subjective theorizing practices and to engage in dialogue about theorizing in organization studies. Drawing on interviews with eight key figures in the field, this book provides guidance for how to theorize, and how to do so well, using the key tools of the theorizers.

Shortlisted for the EGOS book award 2020.

Read more about 'Theorizing in Organization Studies - Insights from Key Thinkers"


Associate professor 
Sabine Madsen 
Email: sam@dps.aau.dk
Centre for Information Systems Management (CIM)
Department of Politics and Society, Aalborg University

Associate professor 
Anne Vorre Hansen 
Email: vorre@ruc.dk 
Centre for Social Entrepreneurship
Department of People and Technology, Roskilde University

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The conversations are recorded
Watch here

Conversational Partners

Andrew Van de Ven    David Boje

Kenneth Gergen         Richard Swedberg

Edgar Schein               Tor Hernes

Henry Mintzberg

Photo of Henry Mintzberg by Owen Egan

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