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CCWS - Centre for Comparative Welfare Studies

CCWS - Centre for Comparative Welfare Studies, Department of Politics and Society, Aalborg University

Established in 1995 (see more about the history), The Centre for Comparative Welfare Studies (CCWS) is a multidisciplinary research centre dedicated to theoretical and empirical research on comparative social policy and welfare research. Our research focusses on the interplay between policy changes and broad developments such as ageing, globalization, and the impact on class, gender and ethnicity, based on a citizenship perspective. We have a long record of analysing variations in welfare architectures and the interplay with the labour market models and family structures.

CCWS has a broad profile but currently has a number of cutting edge research projects within the following areas:

  1. The political and institutional dynamics of changing welfare states
  2. Welfare states, values and norms
  3. Analysing welfare policies
  4. Welfare systems, ageing societies, senior citizens and pension systems
  5. Welfare systems, citizenship and ethnic diversity
  6. Welfare systems and regional dynamics and disparities
  7. The governance of welfare state reforms and organizational frontline dynamics on the ground
  8. Welfare systems in China
  9. Sustainable welfare systems.

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Via active involvement in national and international debates, we aim to share our research and expertise regarding welfare policies with policy-makers and the public. Internationally CCWS is involved in leading academic networks and conduct research with partners around the world. You can follow our national contributions on (see also CCWS in the media).

CCWS is located at the Department of Politics and Society but has since its establishment had participants from other departments within and outside Aalborg University.

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