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Researcher from Aalborg University at the head of 800 environmental historians

Bo Poulsen, associate professor at the Department of Culture and Global Studies at Aalborg University was elected as one of the two vice-presidents for the European Society for Environmental History (ESEH) at their sixth conference in Munich on 23 August.

Last modified: 03.12.2013

A majority vote of 62 members made sure that Bo Poulsen could leave the conference with the title of vice-president of ESEH’s almost 800 members in the bag. Bo Poulsen is thrilled about the result and says.

'I ran for vice-president because I would like to work towards better communication of our research results to a broader audience. The environmental problems we have today will be best solved in an international context, and therefore it is necessary that we have international organisations to coordinate the research conducted in various countries. This makes ESEH interesting as a forum where new methods and techniques within environmental research can be exchanged.'

ESEH organises biannual conferences for researchers within the field of environmental research. It also organises summer schools and has many activities online that inform about the organisation’s regional work. Bo Poulsen is also part of the Nordic network under ESEH.

He reckons that his new position in the organisation will attract additional attention to AAU.

'I hope that the university will become a centre for the European network, and it will also provide an opportunity for promoting in-house research. I believe that my position in ESEH will give us greater insight in the currents of European environmental history, and it might also contribute to improving my own teaching,' Bo Poulsen explains.

Environmental history is an interdisciplinary field that focus on the interaction between humans and nature. According to Bo Poulsen, it is important that the students at AAU work on issues that are also on the international agenda, and he adds:

'This type of work fits like a glove to the problem based learning model (PBL) practised at Aalborg University where we focus on realistic problems relevant to the business community – and the international perspective adds flavour to the research projects.'

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