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New Assistant Professor: Line Vestergaard Knudsen

As of January 1, 2016 CEPS has a new Assistant Professor.

Last modified: 13.04.2016

My name is Line Vestergaard Knudsen, and I have recently been appointed assistant professor affiliated with the History programme and Center for Forskning i Kulturarvsformidling [Research Centre for Cultural Heritage Communication] which will form the basis of a collaboration between Aalborg University and Limfjordsmuseernes Samvirke (LIMSAM) [the Association of the Limfjord Museums]. During my employment at AAU, I will take part in the development and communication of research projects on eight museums located by the Limfjord. I am particularly interested in focusing on how the museums can actively connect to local citizens and visitors by collecting, exploring and communicating cultural heritage. My teaching activities will be connected to the specialisation in cultural heritage communication of the master’s programme in History.

During my recent PhD studies (Communication, Roskilde University), I have worked with participatory museum communication with a special focus on my collaboration with the future Danish Rock Museum/Roskilde Museum on the development of user-generated content in museums. My PhD thesis was inspired by Science and Technology Studies (STS) and showed how processes of user participation may be seen as practices in which various interests are both represented and created. I illustrated how participants’ interests in cultural heritage was connected to and impacted the development of the museum’s communication. My PhD project was part of the national research consortium DREAM (Danish Research Centre on Education and Advanced Media Materials). 

I have an MA in European Ethnology from University of Copenhagen. During my studies I worked at several museums, including the Workers’ Museum in Copenhagen and Holbæk Museum. After graduating from University of Copenhagen, I spent a number of years working with ethnology as a qualitative researcher at the hearing aid manufacturer Oticon. 

For the time being, I live in Østerbro in Copenhagen with my boyfriend and our son, but we plan to move north-westwards as soon as possible, and we look forward to moving!

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