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CARMA - Centre for Labour Market Research

The Centre for Labour Market Research at Aalborg University (CARMA, Center for Arbejdsmarkedsforskning ved Aalborg Universitet) is a nationally leading and international research centre on the labour market, labour market policy, evaluation, industrial relations and adult vocational training. CARMA is conducting multi-disciplinary research with analysis having both functional and redistributional rationale. Members of the research group have an educational background in economics, political science, public administration, and sociology. Both grounded, strategic and applied research is carried out.

Founded in the early 1980s, CARMA achieved a reputation as a leading national research centre and is widely known in Danish media and to public institutions. Members of the research group are very active in dissemination of research results and in participating in public debates. During the last two decades, CARMA has achieved an international reputation as well. The profile of CARMA is a focused reflection of three program areas: (1) Industrial and employment relations, (2) labour market policy and (3) labour market and working life studies.

The research of CARMA is to comply with - and eventually improve - international standards for empirical and theoretical studies of labour market developments and related policies. A “mixed standard” of methods is in use, including both quantitative and qualitative research methods.

Recent and ongoing studies include improvement of the operation of jobcentres (LISES/CUBB projects), measures to help people with disabilities (project on disabled people and employment), changes in wage earner values and interests (APL project) and interplay between employment, industrial and educational policies (Kompetenceforsyning-Midt project).

The research centre has a leadership divided between professor Henning Jørgensen (autumn 2019), professor Thomas Bredgaard (spring 2020) and professor Flemming Larsen (autumn 2020).

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Head of ResearchThomas Bredgaard

Phone: +45 9940 2605
Email: thomas@dps.aau.dk

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