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CARMA - Centre for Labour Market Research

CARMA is a Danish research centre for labour market research (Center for arbejdsmarkedsforskning ved Aalborg Universitet). CARMA is a national and international research centre specialized on the labour market, labour market policy, seniors and the labour market, evaluation, industrial relations and adult vocational training. CARMA is conducting interdisciplinary and mixed method research and currently consists of political scientists, sociologist and economists.

CARMA has four main program areas: (1) Industrial and employment relations, (2) labour market policy, (3) labour market and working life studies and (4) seniors, early retirement and the labour market.

CARMA strives to maintain its position as a leading national and international research centre and combine scientific excellence with social impact. 

CARMA has rotating management. Thomas Bredgaard is head of research in 2023, Mads Peter Klindt will be head of research in 2024, Laust Høgedahl in 2025 and Stine Rasmussen in 2026.

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Head of ResearchThomas Bredgaard

Phone: +45 9940 2605

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