Department of Politics and Society

Research clusters at Department of Politics and Society

Research at the Department of Politics & Society is organized in four research clusters: Institutions, Policy & Behavior; Global Politics & Diversity; History; Public Administration & Digitalization. Each research cluster is divided into research groups that are dedicated to conduct cutting-edge research within their fields of expertise.

Institutions, Policy & Behavior

The Institutions, Policy & Behavior research cluster

The Institutions, Policy & Behavior research cluster explores issues concerning welfare states, labor market developments, public opinion, political behavior and the political economy at large. Our empirical focus is mainly but not exclusively the economically advanced democracies in Western Europe and North America. We are committed to interdisciplinary and multi-methodological research. We contribute to the development of several fields, including comparative politics, political behavior, and comparative political economy, and we take pride in contributing to society with timely research and active engagement in public debates.

Global Politics & Diversity

The Global Politics & Diversity research cluster

The Global Politics & Diversity research cluster covers a wide range of topics including displacement and migratory flows; environmental politics; Europeanization; human rights; intersectionality and inequalities; social and political change in the developing world; and world order transformation. Our research is distinctly interdisciplinary and zooms in on the processes and institutions that bridge global, national, and local levels of political, social and economic development. Our research cluster is characterized by theoretical and methodological diversity, and we promote and develop interdisciplinary and comparative research.


The History research cluster

The History research cluster explores questions in Danish, international and global history in and across societies from Antiquity till today, working on a wide range of issues across the globe and across time. We draw on methods from history but also offer interdisciplinary contributions for instance to Cultural Heritage Studies and Archives Studies, and we have a special focus on developing digital methods and tools for historians. It is a key priority for us to work interdisciplinary with other research fields from the humanities, social science and the natural sciences, including anthropology, political science and biology.


Public Administration & Digitalization

The Public Administration & Digitalization

The Public Administration & Digitalization research cluster explores issues related to the organization and management of the public sector, information systems and digital transformation processes. The scientific focus is predominantly on governance structures, change and reforms, and public sector interactions with market actors and voluntary organizations. We use a wide variety of theoretical approaches as well as different methodologies such as advanced quantitative methods, case-study methodology, engaged scholarship and mixed methods research. Societal outreach and social impact is a strong ambition and is achieved through academic excellence.


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