About LISES - Local Innovation in Social and Employment services

About LISES - Local Innovation in Social and Employment services (CUBB in Danish)

LISES stands for Local Innovation in Social and Employment Services. It is a center where researchers and practitioners in the field cooperate to develop a more co-produced and involving social and employment service, especially concerning vulnerable groups. LISES was founded in 2016 and made possible by a grant from Innovation Fund Denmark with the aim at gaining new insights and develop policy in dialogue between research and practice in the frontline of the Danish social and employment service. The key findings in LISES support and add to the existing knowledge of the importance of making the social and employment service more participatory. Another finding is that knowledge mobilization is needed, which includes an ongoing dialogue between research and practice. This insight is the baseline for the next step in LISES. From January 2020 a new LISES-center is founded (CUBB is the Danish name). Accordingly, the purpose of the center is to contribute to a reconstruction of public social and employment services, which are often criticized for being too standardized, and for not taking the needs of clients sufficiently into account.  The center will be established and developed in a partnership between Aalborg University and four Danish municipalities: Silkeborg, Holstebro, Vesthimmerland and Herning. The center is financed by a grant from the A.P. Moellerske Stoettefond and the participating municipalities.

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Primary Investigator Dorte Caswell

Primary Investigator Flemming Larsen

Project secretary Berit Hvidberg Christensen