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Publications and press releases by the Future of Feminisms in the Nordic Region Network (FFNN)

Publications resulting from the project on
The Future of Feminisms in the Nordic Region

1 October 2018

1. Peer reviewed original articles

  • Cuesta Marta & Diana Mulinari (2018) The bodies of others in Swedish feminism, Gender, Place and Culture p. 1-16
  • Halsaa , Beatrice and Diana Mulinari (2018) Introduction. Nordic Feminism. Labrys.
  • Halsaa, Beatrice (under review) The (trans)national mobilization of Indigenous women in Norway. In special issue on ‘Cross-Movement Alliances in the Global South and across the North-South divide’, eds. Sabrina Zajak, Jenny Janson, Ilse Lenz & Geoffrey Pleyers in Moving the Social: Journal of Social History and the History of Social Movements
  • Keskinen, Suvi (2018): The ‘Crisis’ of White Hegemony, Neonationalist Femininities and Antiracist Feminism. Women’s Studies International Forum 68, May-June, 157-163.
  • Liinason, Mia (2018) “Borders and belongings in Nordic feminisms and beyond”, Gender, Place and Culture. A Journal of Feminist Geography, pp. 1-16
  • Liinason, Mia and Marta Cuesta (2018) “Interconnections: Narrating Nordic Feminisms” labrys, études féministes/ estudos feministas, vol. 31, pp. 1-23
  • Liinason, Mia and Clara Marlijn Meijer (2017) ”Challenging constructions of nationhood and nostalgia: exploring the role of gender, race and age in struggles for women's rights in Scandinavia”, Women’s History Review, pp. 1-25 
  • Liinason, Mia (2017) ”Jämställdhet som assemblage”, Tidsskrift for kjønnsforskning, nr. 3, pp. 165-186    
  • Sager, Maja and Diana Mulinari. (2018) Exploring femonationalism and care-racism in Sweden. Women's Studies International Forum. Volume 68, May–June 2018, Pages 149- 156
  • Special issue of the online international feminist journal Labrys – études féministes on ‘Nordic feminism’, edited by Beatrice Halsaa and Diana Mulinari (issue 31, July 2017-June 2018, )
  • Stormhøj, Christel (2018): Still much to be achieved: Intersecting regimes of oppression, social critique, and 'thick' justice for lesbian and gay people, Sexualities (forthcoming)
  • Stormhøj, Christel and Bodil Pedersen (2018): Subjects in Gendered Constallations of Spiralling Disempowerment - Situated Personal Meaning of Rape and other Forms of Sexualized Coercion, Annual Review of Critical Psychology (forthcoming)
  • Stormhøj, Christel (2019): The Politics of Lesbian and Gay Equity, lambda nordica (submitted)

2. Research review articles

  • Liinason, Mia och Erika Alm (2018) “Ungendering Europe: Critical Engagements with Key Objects in Feminism.” Introduktion, tematisk section i Gender, Place and Culture. A Journal of Feminist Geography
  • Siim, Birte (2016) Feminist Challenges to the Reframing of Equality and Social Justice, Position paper NORA, Nordic Journal of Gender and Feminist Research, Vol. 24, issue 3, 2016
  • Stormhøj, Christel (2018): Queer teori, social og politisk forandring, i Lise Lotte Hansen (red): Køn: positioner perspektiver, politikker. Frydenlund Academics (forthcoming)

3. Books and book chapters

Edited volume with chapters by network members:

Liinason, Mia and Marta Cuesta (2016) Hoppets politik. Feministisk aktivism i Sverige idag. Stockholm and Göteborg, Makadam.

  1. Introduction. Suvi Keskinen (University of Helsinki), Diana Mulinari (Lund University) and Pauline Stoltz (Aalborg University)
  2. Gender, Race, Intersectionality: Contending with nationalisms in the Nordic region. Birte Siim (Aalborg University)
  3. Feminisms in Finland: Feminist subjectivities and agency in a strategic state. Anna Elomäki (University of Helsinki), Johanna Kantola (University of Tampere), Anu Koivunen (Stockholm University)) and Hanna Ylöstalo (University of Helsinki)
  4. ‘Danishness’, Coercive Immigration Policies and Exclusionary Framings of Gender Equality Christel Stormhøj (Roskilde University)
  5. Feminism, Migrant Struggles and the Swedish Left. Diana Mulinari (Lund University)
  6. Whiteness as an Epistemic Habit. Ulrika Dahl (Uppsala University)
  7. Decolonizing Nordic Feminism: Making space for Sami feminist perspectives. Astri Dankertsen (Nord University) 
  8. A Century of Counter-Nationalist Feminist Struggle: Decolonizing the history of Nordic feminism. Stine H. Bang Svendsen (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)
  9. The Ancestor is Epistemic: My child is your child, sahwira. Faith Mkwesha (Abo Academy University) 
  10. White Hegemony, Neoliberal Rationalities and Antiracist Feminism. Suvi Keskinen (University of Helsinki) 
  11. Transnational Feminist Mobilizations, Co-Optation and the Politics of Inclusion. Pauline Stoltz (Aalborg University) 
  12. Convergences and Contradictions of Islam and Feminism in the Nordic Countries - A framing analysis. Connie Carøe Christiansen (the Lebanese-American University)
  13. The Proper Object of Gender Research, the Proper Subject of Gender Research. Ulla Manns (Södertörn University)
  14. Afterword. Encarnacion Gutierrez Rodriguez (Justus-Liebig-University)
  • Martinsson, Lena & Diana Mulinari (2018) Dreaming Global Change , Doing Local Feminism. Routlege. London
  • Stoltz, Pauline, Beatrice Halsaa & Christel Stormhøj (work in progress) Nordiskt Forum from 1988 to 2014 (monograph) 
  • Stoltz, Pauline, Beatrice Halsaa & Christel Stormhøj (under review) ‘The intersectionality of gender, age and generation in the politics of inclusion of feminist events’  in eds. Eléonore Lépinard and Liz Evans, ‘Confronting privileges: intersectionality in feminist movements’.
  • Liinason, Mia and Marta Cuesta (2016) Hoppets politik. Feministisk aktivism i Sverige idag. Stockholm and Göteborg, Makadam.
  • Stoltz, Pauline, Beatrice Halsaa & Christel Stormhøj (2019) Generational conflict and the politics of inclusion in two feminist events. In, Elizabeth Evans & Eléonore Lépinard, eds. Intersectionality in Feminist and Queer Movements: Confronting Privileges. London: Routledge 

4. Other dissemination

  • Liinason, Mia (2018) ”Motstånd över gränser. En fallstudie från Sverige och Ukraina”, presentation at Näckrostimmen, Gothenburg University Library, April 14 
  • Saini, Valentina, interview with Mia Liinason et al (2018) ”È l’alba di un’internazionale femminista?” [Gender Issues. Is it the dawn of a feminist international?], interview based article by Valentina Saini, i Gli Stati Generali March 14, 
  • A website, including a list of the numerous presentations and papers at the workshops 
  • A Facebook group (The Future of Feminisms in the Nordic Region
  • Newsletters have been produced about each workshop and have been uploaded on the website, with open access to interested readers (policy makers, NGOs, politicians, lay people).

* * *

From National to Transnational Feminist Movements?

10-12 March 2017, Lund University, Sweden

Ulla Manns (2016): “Re-mapping the ‘1980s’: Feminist Nordic Space”, in Ulrika Dahl, Marianne Liljeström & Ulla Manns The Geopolitics of Nordic and Russian Gender Research 1975-2005 (Södertörn Academic Studies 66, Södertörn University, Huddinge), pp. 33-66.

* * *

Aalborg University took the temperature of feminism in the Nordic countries.

23 May 2016

With the workshop "Diversity and tensions in Nordic feminist mobilization" the Research Network Future of Feminisms in the Nordic Region focused on current development in feminist mobilization, feminist movements, identity and feminist activism.

Read the press release here

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NIIK: Identifying future feminist issues

25 May 2016

Researchers and activists join forces in a new Nordic project to identify important feminist issues for the future. ‘We’re going to do a check-up on the feminist movements’, says project director Pauline Stoltz, researcher at Aalborg University in Denmark.

Read the article here


Project coordiator Pauline Stoltz 

Research assistant Anna Stegger Gemzøe

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