The intersectionality research network

The intersectionality research network, Aalborg University

The intersectionality research network

Aalborg University


The interdisciplinary research network was launched in 2018 across the departments of social science and humanities at the AAU CPH campus. It is an open network that brings together scholars who in different ways address intersectionality theoretically and methodologically, as well as directly and indirectly within critical racial studies, feminist studies, and migration studies.

The network organizes presentations of work-in-progress twice per semester and informs about external events. In addition, the network organizes reading sessions and research seminars.

The meetings are in person located on the AAU CPH campus, but it is always possible to join the meetings online. The network is an open network for all scholars. If you want to join the network, please sign up here: (Associate Prof. Jin Hui Li). From August 2023: (PhD scholar Rieke Schröder)

For further questions contact: (Associate Prof. Marlene Spanger)


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Contact Kristian Kriegbaum Jensen, Head of Center for Displacement, Migration and Integration (MIX), Aalborg University

Head of Center Steffen Bo Jensen

Frederikskaj 10B, Building C, Room 305
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