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Two podcasts by Pauline Stoltz on gender, resistance and transnational memories of violent conflicts.

Why have one podcast, when you can have two?

Two podcasts by Pauline Stoltz on gender, resistance and transnational memories of violent conflicts.

Last modified: 11.02.2021

Recently, Pauline Stoltz, associate professor at FREIA - Centre for Gender Research, published her book on Gender, resistance and transnational memories of violent conflicts. This needed of course to be celebrated. Similar to others, she found that a book launch was difficult to arrange in person, during times of COVID-19, so why not have it online?

Given that the book addresses memories of conflicts that took place in Indonesia, she talked to Duncan McCargo from the Nordic Institute for Asian Studies (NIAS) and the two of them decided to arrange a book launch in the format of an online conversation about the book.

This event was organized in cooperation between Aalborg University (Department of Politics and Society and FREIA - Centre for Gender Research) and Copenhagen University (NIAS).

Subsequently, the conversation has been turned into a podcast episode of the Nordic Asia Podcast. You can find it on any streaming platform like Spotify/iTunes or through this direct link. It has been shortened somewhat to fit in with the podcast format.

If that was not enough, Pauline was contacted by Natalia Bonilla, a journalist who is based in Mexico. She has a bi-weekly podcast called 'Womanhood and International Relations', which explores the intersection of feminist theory from a personal to an international level. Natalia herself has worked with the conflict in Columbia for many years and recognized much of what was written in the book by Pauline Stoltz from her own experiences. This lead to an interview which is now available on the podcast.

The podcast Womanhood and International Relations is also available on Spotify and iTunes.


“Stoltz's exploration into three violent struggles in Indonesia (1942-45; 1945-49 and 1965) raises crucial questions about the role of silence, voice and agency in these Indonesian conflict zones.” — Jane Parpart, Visiting Professor, University of Massachusetts, Boston, USA; Emeritus Professor, Dalhousie University, Canada; Adjunct Professor, University of Ottawa and Carleton University, Canada'

The two podcasts turned into two different conversations about the book, since the purposes of the podcasts were different and the audiences were different. In addition, it was really cool for Pauline Stoltz to reach so many different parts of the world this way.

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