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Welfare institutions and demography in China: New PhD dissertation defense

Birgitte Egeskov Jensen defended her PhD dissertation "Stemming the tide of ageing in china, the role of welfare institutions in alleviating demographic transition" and was granted the title PhD.

Last modified: 20.04.2020

Birgitte Egeskov Jensen has analyzed the challenges to the development of Chinas social welfare system and examined if and how the development of a ‘moderate’ universal welfare state could relieve the burden associated with demographic transition in China. 3 April Egeskov Jensen got to present the results of her PhD to an engaged assessment committee consisting of:

  • Professor Per H. Jensen, Aalborg University (chairman of the assessment committee)
  • Professor Emeritus Stein Kuhnle, University of Bergen
  • Professor Tine Rostgaard, Stockholm University
  • Professor Jørgen Goul Andersen, Aalborg University (supervisor)

Birgitte Egeskov Jensen's desk for the presentation. Because of the corona virus, the PhD dissertation defense was arranged online.

The dissertation finds that China’s social welfare system will benefit from a redesign which favors more inclusion and ‘moderate’ universalism. China needs to address the issues of elder care and increasing the pension age, Egeskov Jensen concludes.

If the country adapts a broad universal approach to welfare policy that goes beyond pension policy and taking care of the elderly, “China could take advantage of enormous untapped labour market resources and lessen the demographic burden considerably in the future.”

CV - Birgitte Egeskov Jensen

Birgitte Egeskov Jensen studied Politics and Administration (Ba) and Development and International Relations (Ma). She graduated cand.soc. from Aalborg University in 2016. She has since worked at the Department of Political Science at Aalborg University.

Birgitte has been affiliated with Centre for Comparative Welfare Studies (CCWS) and the Sino-Danish Centre in Beijing. Her research interests include Chinese social policy, social citizenship and demography. An overview of her publications and public dissemination can be viewed here.


Birgitte Egeskov Jensen, PhD, bej@adm.aau.dk, (+45) 9356 2225

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