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Seminar-series on Border control, Finances and Humanitarianism. 1.Seminar: Humanitarianism and Security in Frontex and German Deportation Politics

Seminar-series on Border control, Finances and Humanitarianism. 1.Seminar: Humanitarianism and Security in Frontex and German Deportation Politics

Time: Wednesday October 30th, 14-16 pm. Place: Global Refugee Studies, Aalborg University, Copenhagen Campus, Frederikskaj 10B, 2450 Copenhagen S. Speakers: Eline Wærp, PhD student, Malmö Institute for Studies of Migration, Diversity and Welfare Felix Wieneke, MA, Return Monitor, Das Diakonische Werk

Last modified: 23.10.2019

Eline Wærp is working through the conceptual framework of humanitarian borderwork in order to analyse the humanitarian discourses and practices of the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex) from 2004 to today with an emphasis on continuity and change over time, in order to tease out possible inter-institutional struggles in this field, where the different discourses overlap, contrast or clash with each other. This allows for a critical discourse analysis and exploration of how the process unfolds through securitization, but also notions of de-securitization, crisis and humanitarianism.

Felix Wieneke is working on how private actors play a significant role in the marketization and humanitarianization of parts of the German deportation system. Through a case study of the city of Hamburg and the German Federal Government´s aim of creating more effective deportation systems, he explores how public actors help create commercial markets framed as “innovative” and “solutions” to problems related to deportation. This work looks into the financial flows connecting public actors with management consultancies, which deliver “expert”-knowledge, software companies delivering surveillance technology, and development companies and NGOs playing the role of humanitarian actors in emerging transnational return networks.

The Seminar-series on Border Control, Finances and Humanitarianism is coordinated by Dr. Martin Lemberg-Pedersen, and facilitates interdisciplinary encounters between researchers regarding its main topics, and between students and alumni from Global Refugee Studies and other AAU educations wanting to specialize on its core issues.

Paper are circulated and expected to be read in advance. Registration to Oliver Halpern (ltj129@alumni.ku.dk).


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