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New research center for displacement migration and integration

New research center for displacement migration and integration

A new network for researchers from all of the Social Sciences is forming at Department for Politics and Society. Already 50 researchers have joined across the entire faculty.

Last modified: 10.06.2021

Text: Niels Krogh Søndergaard, communications officer 
Photo:  Ahmed Akacha, Pexels

MIX - Center for Displacement, Migration and Integration will be the title of a newly announced research center joining the forces across multiple departments at Aalborg University.

Still open for new members the center is a new initiative that builds on top of The Faculty for Social Science’s diverse and strong research on displacement, migration and integration. So far MIX has traction. Already 50 researchers have joined the center.

It is a forum for researchers from all social science disciplines to meet, discuss research and discover each other. The aim is a strong and supportive internal network that strengthens research and helps bring life to new, innovative research ideas and collaborations.

Forming the new network

- We want the center’s strategy and activities to resonate with the wants and needs of its members, says Kristian Kriegbaum Jensen, Associate Professor and head of MIX, the new research center.

- Therefore all members are encouraged to join an online strategy workshop on 24th of June and seminar on 6th of September before the official launch of the center in November in Copenhagen as part of the final FLOW final conference.

At the June workshop, the steering group will introduce the center but the main point for the event is for the researchers to get to know each other and share thoughts about the center’s potential, and how it can support research efforts and interests.


  • Workshop on strategy: 24 June, 10.00-12.00, Online
  • Seminar: 6 September, 10.00-16.00, Aalborg Campus
  • Official launch of the center,  at the end of the FLOW final conference, 4-5 November, Copenhagen Campus, A.C. Meyers Vænge 15.

Sign up

  • You sign up as a member by filling out a short survey following this link.

Members will receive calendar invitations soon after signing up.

Do you want to know more?

  • Contact head of the research center, Kristian Kriegbaum Jensen, Associate Professor,
  • Register and read more about the FLOW Final Conference here: Here MIX will be officially launched.
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