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New part-time lecturer: Mia Louise Justesen

As of 1 August 2021, Mia Louise Justesen was employeed as part-time lecturer at the Department of Politics and Society. Mia will be teaching at BID - The Bachelor's programme in Innovation and Digitalization.

Last modified: 09.09.2021

I am employed as part-time lecturer and this semester I will be teaching the 3rd semester course: 'Entreprenørskab, service-, produkt- og procesinnnovation' and do project supervision on BID. 

I have a MSc. in Innovation, Knowledge and Entrepreneurial Dynamics (cand.merc.) from Aalborg University and since 2010 my main working experience has involved student entrepreneurship and process facilitation. 

I spent five years as a consultant in and project manager of  Studentervæksthus Aarhus, which at that time was the primary student incubator at AU. My primary interest is the entrepreneurial mindset and innovation and entrepreneurship as a discipline that can be taught. 

Besides this job I also work at Aarhus University as the program manager of Startup Factory - the student incubator for engineers at AU - and teach a course: 'Entreprenørskab for ingeniører'.



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