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New employee: Margrethe Holm Andersen, Senior Adviser

As of 1 January 2020, Margrethe Holm Andersen is employed as senior adviser in Sydhavnen. She will be working and teaching with the Global Refugee Studies group (GRS) in Copenhagen, and will also be teaching Project Management issues at the Development and International Relations program (DIR) in Aalborg.

Last modified: 22.01.2020

I hold an MSc in Public Administration from Aalborg University (1988) and a PhD (focused on gender and development), also from Aalborg University. I have worked with development issues since 1985 where I took part in the International Women’s Conference in Kenya and was a student at what was then the Women’s Studies Year at AAU. Initially my focus was on women in politics and strategies for improved gender equality. After completion of my PhD in 1992, I have worked more broadly with development issues in different capacities. So, my main areas of specialization are planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of development cooperation as well as capacity development, cross-cultural collaboration and gender issues in development.

Thematically, I have worked on a broad range of issues ranging from socio-economic issues in environment and agriculture, gender and civil society issues to interventions in fragile states and climate change issues. I have lived for longer periods in Kenya, Tanzania and Nicaragua, but also worked on short-term missions in more than 15 other countries, mainly in Africa. As senior advisor and deputy head of the Evaluation Department, I was responsible for numerous complex evaluations (methodology and design, quality assurance and utilization of evaluation work in improving design and implementation of development cooperation). Finally, during my 15 years in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, I was a guest-lecturing at various Danish universities in development and evaluation of development cooperation. I served as external examiner and chair of the Board of external examiners at International Studies at Roskilde University for 7 years.

I came back to AAU in 2013 as a Senior Advisor and have since then worked mainly with innovation, development and research capacity building in Africa through support to the establishment of AfricaLics – a regional research network on learning, innovation and competence building systems (see www.africalics.org). The AfricaLics secretariat is based in Nairobi, but we work in and have links to innovation and development scholars in all regions of Africa and maintain close links with the Globelics community (www.globelics.org). I am the academic coordinator of the AfricaLics Visiting Fellowship Programme, but also contribute to organization of AfricaLics conferences and other activities under the network, including PhD academies and development of teaching modules. In addition, I am currently working with colleagues from AAU and two Kenyan institutions to complete a Danida funded research programme on Innovation and Renewable Electrification in Kenya (www.irekproject.net). The project is focused on development of innovative capabilities in solar and wind energy projects and possible links to broader issues of sustainability and sustainable industrialization in Africa.

On an everyday basis, my office is at the Copenhagen campus (Frederikskaj 10B, 3. Floor). I will be working and teaching with the Global Refugee Studies group in Copenhagen, but will also be teaching Project Management issues at the Development and International Relations program here in Aalborg. In addition, some of the African PhD visiting fellows may be located at DIR. Feel free to approach me if you wish to engage more with African universities and I’ll be happy to help see what I can do to connect you.

Privately, I live on Amager in the Copenhagen area with my family (husband and a teenage son), but I also have friends and family in Northern Jutland, so you may see me more often than you would think! :-)

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