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New communication officer: Niels Krogh Søndergaard

As of 1 March 2020 the Joint Administration of the Department of Politics and Society & the Department of Sociology and Social Work has a new communication officer!

Last modified: 03.03.2020

Want to get the word out about your research? Journalist Niels Krogh Søndergaard will help!

It is his mission to help and inspire you - the researchers - to communicate more of your work and results to others.

Niels is 36 years old, has worked in Greenland 2013-2019 as a reporter and communication consultant, and recently left DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation).

Niels lives in Skørping, south of Aalborg, with his girl friend and daughter.

- I really look foreward to working with the social sciences again. I've worked a lot with labour market issues and industrial relations as a student and journalist, Niels says.

- Aalborg University has always struck me as a dynamic research institution that wants to be an active part of the surrounding society.

- In my new job I want to take some of the burden from the researchers in telling more stories about the many research results and interesting processes goin on here on campus. Please contact me face to face or by e-mail, if you have any input.

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Want to know more?

► See Niels' curriculum

► Contact Niels, nks@id.aau.dk


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