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Lemberg-Pedersen gives talk on political economy of border control at Malmö University

Lemberg-Pedersen gives talk on political economy of border control at Malmö University

Presenting new research conducted during the ADMIGOV research consortium, Dr. Lemberg-Pedersen travels to Malmö on February 13, 2020 to give a talk

Last modified: 19.02.2020

This talk attempts to lay a pathway for identifying and analyzing the actors, networks, structures and interactions through which EU border control technologies and policies are shaped. While much research argue that the borders of the EU have become increasingly militarized leading to massive humanitarian consequences, comparably fewer inquiries have tried to understand the political economic dynamics behind this development. This talk therefore hones in on the influence yielded by European military and security companies on policy-making in EU agencies and institutions, such as Frontex and EU-Lisa. More specifically, it focuses on databases like SIS, VIS, Eurodac and EES, and the EUROSUR programme. Some of the policy forums most exposed to lobbyism efforts are identified, like the European Commission, the European Parliament and funding streams like FP7 and Horizon2020, and some details about the actual lobbying is provided. Moreover, some attention is also given to the key actors and financial interests underpinning the accelerating and extremely profitable market for EU border control. It is argued that this market is multisectoral, actively subsidized through Union instruments, and driven by different economic interests undermining, aligned with but also transcending EU interests.

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