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Legitimacy and intersectionality of queer refugees in Denmark

Legitimacy and intersectionality of queer refugees in Denmark

PhD students Rieke Schröder (AAU) and Marie Lunau (RUC) publish an article “Queer Migrations: Imagining Intersectional Positions and Potentials”, talking about the importance of recognizing intersectionality in the queer asylum seeker community.

Last modified: 13.02.2023

By Liene Ulmane, Student Assistant, Center for Displacement, Migration and Integration (MIX)
Photo by Cecilie Johnsen on Unsplash

Rieke Schröder and Marie Lunau recently published an article about queer migrations in HeartCore, the official Copenhagen Pride magazine.

The article explores LGBTIQ+ refugees' challenges with being recognized in Denmark. Although it is possible to get asylum on the ground of fearing persecution or having experienced persecution due to being LGBTIQ in Denmark, the article showcases the challenges for LGBTIQ+ refugees “of translating their identities into the kinds of narratives that are ‘legitimate’ within the state’s frame of recognition” (Schröder, R., & Lunau, M., 2022). In this, intersectionality plays a huge role.

“LGBTIQ+ refugees are not a homogeneous group, so it is important to take their intersectional position into consideration,” states Rieke. In the article, Rieke and Marie stress the importance of intersectionality and tell the story of queer refugee El. “People experience different challenges while trying to integrate in Denmark, depending on if they are racialised, perceived to be Muslim, or have a trans gender identity. All of these are intersecting with each other, which became very clear when interviewing El, whose story is shortly described in the article,” Rieke notes.

Read the full article here

LGBT Asylum, a Danish organization that has worked for LGBTIQ+ asylum seekers’ and refugees’ rights for over a decade, will be holding their anniversary celebration on the 24th of February. LGBT Asylum will also celebrate the launch of a book, in which several LGBTIQ+ asylum seekers and refugees share their stories. All interested are invited to join the event at Union KBH. Learn more here: LGBT Asylum's 10 Year Anniversary Party & Book Launch | Facebook

Rieke Schröder is a PhD student at the Department of Politics and Society at Aalborg University, and Marie Lunau is a PhD student at the Department of Social Sciences and Business at Roskilde University.

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