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Grant for research project on Political Systems and Time in Lebanon

Grant for research project on Political Systems and Time in Lebanon

Associate professor Tamirace Fakhoury has been granted DKK 750,000 from Carlsbergfondet as a 'Monograph Fellowship'.

Last modified: 15.12.2022

Tamirace Fakhoury's grant is for the purpose of writing a book about her research project: Political Systems and Time: Timekeeping in Lebanon.

- In Political Systems and Time, I propose to take the reader on a time travel through Lebanon’s political system. This century-old sectarian model has been time-resilient at the expense of people’s time. With the recent financial meltdown, people spend countless hours piling up rice and lentils, queueing in front of banks, or searching for a coffeeshop to plug their lifeless laptops. Policy procrastination has had disastrous implications for people’s predicaments. Consider the Beirut Blasts that resulted from deliberate inaction or the case of Palestinian camps “frozen in time”, says Tamirace Fakhoury. 

She adds:     

- By exploring how political time and human time intersect, I hope to offer a real-life appraisal of how political systems impact the way we spend our lifetime. This is a plea for reclaiming human time in politics.

Tamirace Fakhoury is a part of the Global Refugee Studies Research Group.

She is one of only three researchers from Aalborg University, who in total receive approximately 4 million DKK for their research projects.

Read more in the Press Release from Carlsberg Fondet (in Danish)

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