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Forthcoming new book: China-EU Relations in a New Era of Global Transformation

This book draws together leading experts to examine the key issues in China-EU relations. The book is edited by Professor Li Xing, Development and International Relations (DIR).

Last modified: 22.02.2021

China-EU relations are increasingly complex and affected by a number of inter-related factors, such as China’s global rise, growing China-United States strategic competition, US global withdrawal, the transatlantic split, the China-Russia comprehensive "alliance", and Brexit. The book highlights the struggles by both China and the EU to look for a dynamic and durable mode of engagement in an attempt to achieve the balance between opportunities and challenges, and between partnership and rivalry. International contributors explore how to conceptualize China-EU relations and identify their differences and commonalities such as the EU’s role in China’s foreign policy process and how the EU works with China as a strategic partner. Finally, it analyses China’s and the EU’s perceptions of their own present and future roles.

Shedding light on the perspectives of understanding and change in China-EU relations and its impact on multilateralism, it will appeal to researchers and professionals working in International Relations, International Political Economy and area studies who are interested in the rise of emerging powers and the changing world order.

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