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Europeanization of The Far Right: New PhD dissertation defence

Europeanization of The Far Right: New PhD dissertation defence

Today Anita Nissen was granted the title PhD, after she defended her PhD dissertation "Europeanization of The Far Right: A Case Study of Generation Identity and Fortress Europe".

Last modified: 22.04.2020

With the rise of the far right in the last two-three decades, there is a growing need to learn more about their European mobilization and cooperation.

The thesis explores the Europeanization of the two far right transnational coalitions Fortress Europe and Generation Identity during the ‘refugee crisis’ (2015-2017). Conclusions from the study includes, that the far right transnational mobilization potential is strong, due to the ability of the far right actors to bridge ideological disagreements around anti-Islam positions.·

An indirect approach to EU

Anita Nissen also finds, that the far right organizes in ‘transnational movements’ at the European level. They mobilize in the transnational space; yet do not approach the EU directly. Instead, they focus on the mobilization of support from the domestic public.

22 April Anita Nissen got her PhD title after she presented her research results to an engaged assessment committee consisting of:


Anita Nissen, PhD, anissen@dps.aau.dk, (+45) 9940 2363

Niels Krogh Søndergaard, communication officer, nks@id.aau.dk, (+45) 3166 0080

Photo: PhD Anita Nissen had approx. 45 participants during her video presentation and following defence.
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