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DIR receives funding for research network exploring rule through division in China

DIR receives funding for research network exploring rule through division in China

The aim of the network is to provide an open platform for conceptualizing how different forms of categorization work as an original and innovative means of identifying and controlling people and resources in China, and how people on the ground, state authorities and commercial agencies apply and reconfigure existing or emerging categories to change or maintain their roles in society.

Last modified: 24.09.2020

During the summer, the Development and International Relations Research Group received information that not only its research project on China’s social credit system, Moving Data-Moving People (in collaboration with the IT-University of Copenhagen) had received funding from the Danish Independent Research council. The application for establishing a research network, Ruling through Division, exploring how the role of categorization changes in Chinese governance is changing had also been successful.

While the research project requires considerable field work in China, the network is intended to develop linkages between scholars in Denmark with scholars in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Sweden, China, Taiwan and the US. As a result of COVID 19, both projects have required postponement of several planned activities and rethinking of elements that may be digitalized, but they are now slowly getting started. The projects have received a total on 7.4 million DKK to be spent over the coming five years of which Aalborg University will receive 4.3 million.


Associate professor Jesper Willaing Zeuthen, primary investigator,

Associate professor Ane Bislev, co primary investigator,

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