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Detour or return: The shifts in asylum policies

Detour or return: The shifts in asylum policies

MIX - Center for Displacement, Migration and Integration team talked with center researcher Karen Nielsen Breidahl on what to expect from the upcoming online seminar “Paradigm Shift: paradoxes of temporariness, return and protection” on November 16. The event will cover Danish immigration and asylum policies, the changes in the last 10 years, and the paradigm shift that has pushed integration politics into the direction of repatriation efforts.

Last modified: 16.11.2022

Karen Nielsen Breidahl, associate professor at the Department of Politics and Society, Aalborg University, is specialized in the interplay between migration studies, comparative welfare state research, and public administration research on citizens’ encounters with frontline organizations. 

Karen currently is working on a research project on street-level responses and coping strategies in the asylum system in Denmark and Sweden. She stresses: “Refugees’ conditions for resettling have changed remarkably.”

Complicated hurdles and unpredictable future

As three main obstacles to asylum seekers in Denmark and Sweden, she mentions extended waiting times, lack of autonomy, and a minimum level of social rights that are vaguely defined. Moreover, it is hard to predict how the future could be shaped for asylum seekers. “A big question! Probably more restrictions – not at least in Sweden,” she adds.

At the event on November 16, Karen will have a conversation with Michala Clante Bendixen. Michaela is widely acknowledged for her personal engagement and deep knowledge of the lives of refugees in Denmark. She is the founder of Refugees Welcome. In 2014, she received the Human Rights Award from the Danish Council of Human Rights.  At the online event, she will talk about paradoxical ways of integration effects as seen by refugees, employers, municipalities, and from an international humanitarian perspective.

Join the in-depth discussion with Karen Nielsen Breidahl and Michala Clante Bendixen on 16.11.2022 at 12.00 o’clock.

You can attend the seminar via this link 

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