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Celebrate with us the launch of the anthology Situating Displacement. Explorations of Global (Im)Mobility (Peter Lang Verlag)!

Book launch: ‘Situating Displacement. Explorations of Global (Im)Mobility’

Celebrate with us the launch of the anthology Situating Displacement. Explorations of Global (Im)Mobility (Peter Lang Verlag)!


23.09.2022 kl. 16.15 - 18.15


The anthology offers a fresh look at the topic of forced mobility and displacement. By situating displacement and engaging a dialogue with disciplines and analytical perspectives from other academic fields, the authors broaden the scope of thinking about displacement. The different chapters take well-established ideas from migration, mobility and refugee research into conversation.

At the book launch, the editors Rieke Schröder, Anabel Soriano Oliva and Steffen Jensen will introduce the anthology and provide an overview of the different chapters. Two of the authors, Anabel Soriano Oliva and Magnus Andersen, will give a brief insight into their respective chapters. In doing so, we hope to demonstrate the anthology’s aim of situating displacement in new ways and from alternate angles.

Furthermore, we will be joined by Simon Turner, professor of social anthropology at Lund University, who has kindly agreed to give his perspective on the anthology.

The event will conclude with a reception with wine and snacks. We are looking forward to celebrating this book launch with you!


16:15-16:30     Presentation of the anthology (Rieke Schröder, Anabel Soriano Oliva, Steffen Jensen)

16:30-16:40     Presentation from Anabel Soriano: Discussing Pateman’s Understanding of Prostitution Through
                        Khamis’ Exhibition Black Birds

16:40-16:50     Presentation from Magnus Andersen: Living a Precarious Life as Migrant Worker in the Danish
                        Labour Market

16:50-17:15     Input from Simon Turner

17:15-18:15     Reception with wine and snacks

All interested are welcome. Sign up is not needed. Please just show up! 

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