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PhD Network of the doctoral programme at Department of Politics and Society

PhD network at Department of Politics and Society

The PhD students and research assistants at the Department of Politics and Society meet regularly every semester to share professional and personal experiences and to exchange of ideas and information about available PhD courses, workshops, conferences etc. Sometimes, we also invite more experienced researchers to give talks about different topics, such as publishing strategies, teaching experiences or external funding considerations for future careers. In the PhD network, we usually get together 3-4 times each semester. Additionally, we have a joint PhD lunch every first Wednesday of the month. These PhD network and lunch meetings are a great opportunity to meet other PhD peers and to profit from each other’s experience, especially for newcomers.

If you are interested in joining the network or want to stay posted about future events and dates, please contact the coordinators of the PhD network: Majbritt Kappelgaard Severin-Nielsen and Cecilie Krogh.

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