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New PhD fellow: Cecilie Krogh

As of 1 January 2020, I was enrolled as a PhD fellow at the department. The PhD project is funded by the Independent Research Fund Denmark.

Last modified: 21.01.2020

My background is that I, In June 2018, completed my master degree in sociology and was employed as a research assistant at the Research Centre for Disability and Employment and the Centre for Labour Market Research (CARMA).

The title of my PhD project is Unequal?. It takes its point of departure in the fact that persons with disability has a 30-percentage point lower employment rate than persons without disability. Even though the disability for some people becomes a barrier for employment, there are many other barriers as well. Among other things the attitudes, knowledge and preferences of employers can play a crucial role in the matter of disability and employment. Employers are gatekeepers on the labour market and it is therefore important to understand the process of decision-making in hiring situations. This is the aim of my Ph.D.-study in which I am trying to understand the latent mechanisms of employer’s decision-making when it comes to employment of persons with disability. Similar projects are carried out in Norway and Sweden, allowing for comparison.

For more about the project also see here

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