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New PhD fellow: Ahlam Chemlali

As of 1 December 2020, GRS - Global Refugees Studies has a new PhD Fellow!

Last modified: 01.12.2020

Ahlam Chemlali’s research examines the politics and practices of border violence as a key phenomenon in need of scrutiny in contemporary European migration politics. Chemlali explores how the militarisation and externalisation of European border control to North Africa produces the everyday violence of the border and how this shapes gendered experiences. Her research project offers a unique ethnographic perspective on how West African migrant women in transit navigate and negotiate the violent terrains that characterizes the North African borderlands, with special attention to Libya and Tunisia.

Before starting the PhD, Chemlali worked nine years at DIGNITY – Danish Institute Against Torture as a Program Manager, conducting more than 70 field missions across Sub-Saharan Africa, the MENA region and South Asia, on issues related to human rights, torture and urban violence.

At AAU Copenhagen Campus, Ahlam Chemlali will teach at GRS - Global Refugee Studies with special emphasis on borders, violence, and gender.

The PhD is hosted at DIIS – Danish Institute for International Studies at the Migration and Global Order unit and funded by the Danish Council for Independent Research.



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