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Invitation to PhD defence by Jeevitha Yogachandiran Qvist

Title of thesis: "Social inequalities in later working life and retirement – causes and consequences"


08.02.2021 kl. 13.00 - 16.00


Phd defence by Jeevitha Yogachandiran Qvist


This thesis examines the causes and consequences of social inequalities in later working life and retirement. A large literature suggests that the risk of early retirement and poor health in the third age is unequally socially distributed, as people from lower social classes retire earlier and are more exposed to post-retirement health problems than people from higher social classes. While the existence of these empirical regularities is well documented in the literature, less is known about the social mechanisms that bring these social class differences about and how they vary across other subpopulations, such as gender and ethnicity. Based on longitudinal register and survey data from Denmark this thesis gives answers to questions such as: Why do men and women belonging to the working class retire earlier than men and women belonging to the service class? Why do non-Western immigrants have a higher risk of disability pension uptake than natives? How much can adverse working conditions from the working life explain health inequalities after retirement? What is the effect of early retirement on post-retirement health and does this effect vary by gender and social class?


13:00 Welcome by professor Iben Fonnesberg-Schmidt, Aalborg University
13:05 PhD presentation (45 min)
13:50 Pause
14:05 Opponents examination
15:35 Questions from the audience
16:00 End of defence

Members of the assessment committee

  • Professor Jørgen Goul Andersen, Aalborg University (chair)
  • Deputy Director Aine Ni Leime, National University of Ireland
  • Professor Kene Henkens, Netherlands Interdisciplinary Democraphic Institute

Principal supervisor

Professor Per H. Jensen, Aalborg University

Secondary supervisor

Associate professor Rasmus Juul Møberg, Aalborg University


Due to the COVID-19 situation the PhD defence will be online on the platform Zoom.

If you are a staff member at Department of Politics and Society, you will receive an invitation in Outlook.

If you are not a staff member at the department, please sign up at this link and you will receive a link to the online defence shortly before the defence.

Registration deadline: 5 February 2021 at 15:00.


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