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Conference proceedings

The 29th Congress of Nordic Historians will be sponsoring the three following volumes of selected contributions from the conference. They are accessible for all participants (open access) and can be downloaded here:

Vol. 1: Historie – didaktik, dannelse og bevidsthed (ed. Peter Brunbech et al.)

Vol. 2: Reformer og ressourcer / Reforms and Resources (ed. Martin Dackling et al.)

Vol. 3: Efter Reformationen / After the Reformation (ed. Kari G. Hempel et al.)

The Congress of Nordic Historians has teamed up with the Aalborg University Press to include the proceedings in an existing peer reviewed series to meet the current bibliometrical standards. All contributions have thus been through an anonymous peer review process.

The conference proceedings are also available in a printed version, which will be available via the Nordic libraries.



Secretary-General and Conference coordinator
Poul Duedahl

Conference coordinator Bo Poulsen

Conference coordinator Johan Heinsen

Conference secretary Marianne Høgsbro

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